Robin Andre & Tempamental Feat. Inaya Day - International Clubbin (Remixes)

Have you heard of one of these artist, Inaya Day before? If you haven’t then you’re really missing our on an incredible artist. She is on many of today’s biggest hits & it has a lot to do with her awesome voice. Don’t take my word for it give this song a listen & leave a comment or vote. She will love to hear from you. Oh by the way, did I tell you this is a BIG hit!

Rod Hayyim - All Of You

OK how abut some smooth R&B/Steppin’ music? We’ve got some big hit action happening with this latest hit. Take a minute to check this out & get your groove on.

Cheryl Reid - Move Your Sexy Body (BK Duke & P.J. Masters Remix)

Talking about sexy, this song has hit number 1 back in July & hasn’t slowed down yet. Once you give it a listen you’ll know why our DJs are loving their packed dancefloors any time they play this hit, weekly.

EsQuille featuring Jane Badler - My Skin On Your Skin

Let’s get started with something sexy & sweaty like your skin against her skin or his skin. Let’s just dance all night long.

'MIGHTY' Matt Saladino - Zombie Killer REMIX Contest

DJs & producers, we’ve got a remix contest going on for this Halloween hit. All of the info is listed on the VIP Featured Artist page, including cash prize & free memberships. This was a #1 hit the Summer of 2013. Let’s make the remix a hit for 2014.

Klubjumpers feat. Johnny O - I Need You (Remixes)

We’ve got a hot new dance project that already has our DJs dropping this into their mix. Check it out & make sure to vote or comment.

Starfleet Mixshows of the Week

Happy Hump Day Tumblr fam & friends. The old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess we having a GREAT time because time is flying by so fast & we can’t stop dancing to these hot mixshows of the week. Why don’t you drop on by & get your party started early today

Cheryl Reid - Move Your Sexy Body (BK Duke & P.J. Masters Remix)

Have you heard this chart topping hit yet? It has dancefloors, stadiums, concert halls packed any time this remix package gets played or when Cheryl performs. This is a #1 hit for our crew & is spreading around the globe. See why right here on her VIP Featured Artist page. Ready, set, dance!

KP FITZ - Kick Up Your Heels

Do you like to dance to House music, how about some Country, how about some Country/House music? We’ve got one for you that has our DJ’s dancefloors packing any time they spin this new hit by KP Fitz. Check out & video then let him know what you think. Be prepared to dance.

Rod Hayyim - All Of You

Are you an R&B/Steppin’ fan, if so then you need to check out this chart topping artist, Rod Hayyim’s newest hit, “All Of You”. It is already big on our charts & is hitting radio around the globe.Take a listen & get your dance on.