Ajibade - Cougar Love

This goes out to the women that are tired of their old men that poop-out at 9pm, ready to go to sleep, when those hot ladies are ready to party the night away. If this is you please leave a comment or vote for this hit song just for you older ladies who needs a younger man.

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Anything But Monday feat. Nayer - SWEAT (Remixes)

OMG the girls have done it again, setting the dancefloors on fire with a hot new hit, “Sweat”. If you like Dance/EDM/House music then you’re gonna love this next hit for Anything But Monday. Check it out right here & let them know if you’re ready to sweat.

Starfleet Mixshows of the Week

Good afternoon FB Hump Day fam & Friends. Wow, wasn’t it just Hump Day a couple of days ago? They do say time flies when you’re having fun, so I guess I’m having a great time then. Let me put you in the mode so your week will fly by.

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y.

Have you seen Gaga’s latest video? Check it out & let her know what you think about it.

Ajibade - Cougar Love

Here’s a hot new Urban/Hip Hop hit for the ladies that love younger men, rightfully titled, “Cougar Love”. Check out the song & video, please take a minute to comment or vote on the song. Let it rip ladies.

J.O. Jetson - Whirlwind

Is your DJ playing this hit yet? Big happenings for this project & we are one of the few pools supporting. Find out why it’s all over our charts & dancefloors

Cheryl Reid - Move Your Sexy Body

Let us show you why you should be dancing to this new hit, “Move Your Sexy Body”. If your DJ is not playing it have them contact me & I’ll get it to them ASAP. Please leave a comment & or vote.

Starfleet Digital Music Pool the DJ MP3 Record Pool of Record Pools

TGIF Tumblr fam & friends. Wow what a great start to the weekend we’re having here in the QC. Hope your weather is at least this good. I’ll be posting out new mixshows, music video & VIP Featured Artist over the weekend so make sure to check them out, prepare to dance. www.StarfleetMusicPool.com

Yemi Marie feat. GT - Radio Station

Have you checked out Yemi’s newest hit? Do you know about Yemi? Find out more right here on her VIP Featured Artist page. You are NOT going to believe how awesome her voice is or how old she is. She’s already had a couple of #1 hits with us.